"Companies that value employee well-being and invest in a work culture which supports fit bodies and minds, will see it back in spades."

Serena Puerta, Founder | CEO, Culture Of Fit

Our Story

Culture Of Fit has deep roots in building successful exercise communities.  Founded in 2004 in New York City, we originally began as a grass roots fitness bootcamping community called Bootcamp Republic.  I started the company by following my immense passion for exercising, a desire for impactful health results, and my love of group fitness – where a great instructor and the togetherness and support of the group carry one through workouts, and inspire one to come back and make it a routine. Thus, the beginnings of Culture Of Fit were born.  My team and I created our culture, grounded with a foundation of making fitness more accessible, no judgements and full of compassion.  We drove this culture by hand-picking and training the best group exercise instructors, and brought them together with people of all exercise levels who shared a common goal of wanting to progress to one’s next best fitness level.   Our first bootcamping community was established in Washington Square Park, the heart of the Village, and we grew word-of-mouth until our fitness programs spanned the city – from Central Park to Battery Park, and everywhere in between.  Exactly as I’d envisioned, we were positively impacting people’s health everywhere in the largest city in the United States.

As the emails and phone calls poured in with heart felt testimonials from weight loss success, reduction in chronic pain, to better control of depression  – I knew we had created something very special, and Culture Of Fit had a bigger mission, to reach and help as many people as possible.

Following the positive health results they’d achieved, our community members began referring Culture Of Fit to their employers, as we launched our corporate fitness programs in 2007 to help companies build their own culture of fit.  Over the past decade, we greatly expanded our team, expertise and services to include a wide breadth and deep offering of innovative mind and body programs, all specifically designed for the work environment and the needs of our clients’ employee populations. Today we solely serve major employers across the Unites States, as we feel this is the best way to increase our reach and have the greatest impact.
Serena Puerta, Founder | CEO, Culture Of Fit

Meet Our Leadership Team

Founded in 2004, our leadership team has implemented successful health and well-being programs for more than 15 years. We are passionate about instilling fitness, yoga, meditation and nutrition coaching into your culture and compassionate about helping your population.

Serena Puerta

Founder | CEO

Lisa Neilsen

Global Director, Marketing & Client Services

Allison Hart

Global Director, Fitness and Yoga & Quality

Kate Sortino

Global Director, Meditation and Yoga Therapeutics

Kristine Brower Blewitt

Global Director, Nutrition

Jenn Menzer

Global Director, Pilates & Core

Angie Knudson

Global Director, Run & Walk Programs

Felicia Puerta

Global Director, People and New Business

Ravi Kumar

Global Director, Technology